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     Something miraculous happens down on the field with everyone collaborating together so beautifully, feeling their intereconnection with each other and the Earth while in the shape of their special creation. Boundaries dissolve, new relationships begin and tired ones transform . . . all in the "container" of this experience. The special faces on this page bear witness to this and I am gratefull for all the many volunteer photographers who have documented the beauty that happens as our skysight begins to blossom at each event. I bow to you!


Unfurl Your Imagination . . . Get Your Skysight On!

Some Kid Quotes After Art For the Sky

"I feel proud of myself for being able to participate in something so beautiful. I guarantee that this memory will be in my mind forever and ever and will be shared with my kids, grandkids and hopefully for generations to come." - Rachel, Commack Middle School, Commack, New York

"Now I view the Earth in a different way . . . I have my skysight on!" Kiara, Tampa Bay Blvd. Grade School, Tampa, Florida

"The Experience of being the art and then releasing it is something that will last a life time." Lindsay, H.B. Lee Middle School, Portland, OR

"I will always have this memory with me and an eminent story to tell." Jordyn, Commack Middle School, Commack, New York

"Thank you for making real life endangered species come alive in us." Leigh, Northside Elementary School, Rock Hill, North Carolina

"Sky art is cool. Thanks for a once in a lifetime experience. I will do everything in my power to make sure the red-cockaded woodpecker doesn't go extinct." Daniel, Northside Elementary School, Rock Hill, North Carolina

"It was the best field trip I ever went on. I will keep the memory in my heart forever." Emilee, 3rd grade "This was the happiest day of my life." Kaylee, 2nd grade "It was the best time I ever had." Sara, 2nd Grade. "I will never, ever forget this day!" Andrea, 3rd Grade. Capitol View Elementary School, Des Moines, Iowa on a 20 degree day in February with winds blowing 20mph!!