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"Art for the Sky changed my life!"
-Janice Powell, Shasta Public Libraries, Outreach Coordinator

"The Art For the Sky project was by far the BEST experience I have ever seen for a school community to participate in from start to finish.
- Jennifer Sheldon, principal, Allen Park Public Schools, MI

"Daniel is a kid whisperer." -Erline Trites, JK Killam School, Reading, MA

"The 5 Tallahassee images are stunning – you have truly given our students an experience of a lifetime! The DVD's are selling like hotcakes – our community loves sky art!" -- Kim Salesses, DeSoto Trail Elementary, Tallahassee

"Thank you for sharing your gift we are forever changed and so you have changed the world." --Rene Harris, Principal Beech Hill Elementary, Summerville, SC

"We can't thank Daniel enough for bringing this unforgettable experience to Lindemann! When the whole school sang 'Wings to Fly' in unison this morning, it gave myself and other staff chills. My 1st grade student told me today that "Wednesday and today were the best days of his life." We're all on cloud 9!" --Rachel Tripani, Art Teacher, Lindemann Elementary, Allen Park, MI

"Oh, my! This is SO BEAUTIFUL! !!!! You're making me cry with this image. I don't know how to ever thank you. Wow! This was worth the wait and has so much meaning!" -Anne Scott, Art Teacher, Lyle HS, Lyle, WA

"The anticipation, fun, cohesion, laughter and tears of joy were beyond anything I have ever experienced in my 30 years of teaching at Cascade."
-Jim Gillespie, Cascade Middle School 6th Grade Science Teacher, Eugene, OR

"You truly left your message and your feathers of hope in our collective heart. Expect miracles soon! Come back!"
-Jacquline Taylor, Teacher, Griffin Creek Elementary School, Medford, OR

"LOVE the video!! Awesome work, Daniel! The mermaid is AMAZING!! You made our school seem like a happy, healthy place! I think you bring out the best in people because you see the best in people. Your video shows that clearly." - Erica Moore, Art Teacher, Crescent Elk Middle School

"This was one of the most memorable experiences of my career. I can only imagine the impact it had on our students. Thank you."
-Danny Divver, Vice Principal, Oak View Elementary, Silver Spring, Maryland

"No words to express the joy and beauty you brought to our little school."
- Sarah McCarron, Art Teacher,Oak View Elementary, Silver Spring MD

"Our work with Daniel Dancer is transformative, the affect is palpable among students and staff. Thank you Daniel, for once again bringing your passion and vision to our community!" -Joe Gillespie, Science Teacher, Crescent Elk Middle School, Crescent City, California

"We can't thank you enough for the phenomenal experience you provided us last week.  Absolutely unforgettable!"
Holly Badur, Principal, Comm. Ind. School, Pittsboro, NC


"God Bless You...may you continue to bless our Nation's children with your wisdom and extraordinary art." --Cherly Farnsworth, parent.

"The lessons in this amazing schoolwide project reinforced the importance of collaboration and team building in our anti-bullying campaign. Thank you Mr. Dancer for a perfectly executed performance!"
-Dr. Linda Meczyk, Principal, McCall Elementary, Waukegan, IL

"We have been truly inspired by your vision!"
-Sue Carter, Principal, Gardner School, Vancouver, WA

"Oh my Gosh. I am speechless. I am utterly speechless. Oh my gosh. I am speechless!" - Phoebe Lewis, Principal, Pleasant Ridge Middle School (After receiving a preview of the bulldog after the event)

"Art for the sky, invites conversation and AWE."
-Christina Macaya, Teacher, Liberty Middle School, Camas, WA

"When Daniel projected photos of our completed cougar giant size on the auditorium wall, the crowd cheered on and on like the winning shot in the last second of a tied basketball game! It was deafening. Finally art got the attention it deserved! The best thing was that it was not just one person's piece, it was formed by 935 children and a few adults. We all felt like rock stars."-Kristin Morine, Art Teacher, Capitol View Elementary, Des Moines, Iowa.

"I've been a teacher for 42 years and have neaver been so moved by a school event."
-Lucy Ringold, fifth grade teacher, Northside Elementary, Rock Hill, NC.

"I've never felt this connected to the Earth!"
--Yolanda McNeil, School Nurse, Tampa Bay Blvd Grade School, Tampa, FL

"Never had so much fun before!"
-Emily Wangler, 5th Grade, Schwegler Elementary, Lawrence, KS

" . . . monumentally wonderful, enriching, hope-filled creations."
-Catherine Hayes, Architect, Phoenix, AZ

"Beautiful, moving and so exquisitely constructive. Damn, I cried. Thanks for letting me be a small part of it. Thanks for what you do."
-John Spohrer, photographer

"The program you have put together for students to learn about taking care of the Earth was invaluable. When the DVD of the days activities and creating the sturgeon were viewed, students and staff were in a state of awe. The music and visuals took our breath away. Thank you for a once in a lifetime experience."
-Jaimi Anke, Art Teacher, H.B. Lee Middle School

"Art For the Sky is exactly the kind of experience and sermon about the Earth which kids need these days."
-Bill Noonan, Religion teacher, St. Mary's Academy, The Dalles, OR, THeThEhe Dalles, OR.
"What an incredible contribution you've imparted to us all."
-Denise Meinardus, Principal, Fairfield Elementary, Eugene, OR

"Art For the Sky had a huge impact on our school. By having the whole school work together, a feeling of community has been restablished that had long been lost."
-Margaret Springey, PTO Leader, Schwegler Elementary, Lawrence, KS.

"Thanks, again, Daniel. It was sooooooooooooooo wonderful to have you here in Iowa. I keep hearing wonderful reports about "the Sky Cougar!"
-Mark Ackleson, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

“This was a magical way to bring kids, adults and elders together to celebrate their culture. The image we have created communicates so powerfully, the beauty and the sacredness of this land, entrusted by the Creator to the Blackfeet people.”
-Christine Mulvey, Development Director, De La Salle Blackfeet School, Browning, MT.

"Art for the Sky was an incredible experience for our school community. The assemblies on Friday were the best we have had. My teachers were crying in response to the students' overwhelming joy in the moment, and to the beauty of what we created together."
--Pamela Jones, Principal, Elm Street Elementary, Bishop, CA 760 872 1060






"The pictures Daniel provided for our schools are now matted and hanging in our hallway. They will forever be a favorite memory of all who participated in this event. The children still wear their T-shirts and they point to the picture; saying, "I am right there!"
-Mona Nicholson, Instructional Coordinator, Knight Elementary, Canby, OR

"Daniel has done two artist residencies for the Center for Cultural Arts in Gadsden, AL. Both were a tremendous success and were professionally done and very educationally effective. Daniel has a way with youth. His message is delivered in a peaceful non-threatening manner."
-Bobbie Welch, Gadsden Center for Cultural Arts, 256-543-2787

"It is a rare and beautiful sight to witness the joining of children's hands and hearts through an artistic venue. Daniel Dancer's "Art For The Sky" presentation brought me to tears. Watching the awe in each child's eyes while taking in Mr. Dancer's breathtaking photography, and joining in song in an effort to educate all of us the importance of our beautiful earth, was quite an experience. By trusting in children to believe in themselves and working together to follow their dreams, Mr. Dancer's program may be just the vision we need to making our world a better place ."
-Shelly Rabinowitz, Whitson Elementary, White Salmon, WA.


(Oct 25, 2003 Letter to Editor) Thank you for the coverage of Daniel Dancer's and the May Street Elementary students' dragon art (Oct. 25). It was nice to see some magic on the front page news!” -Jean Cypher, The Dalles, OR

"The chance for the students to become "the art" was unique and memorable. We loved doing it and will be talking about it all year in our classroom.” -Randi Gunter, First Grade Teacher, Knight Elementary, Canby, OR.

“The workshop was an enjoyable and moving experience for all who attended. Mr. Dancer's art for the sky projects are innovative in their approach, combining public participation/community spirit with art making and, in many cases, ecological or environmental concerns. Making the hummingbird in the heart of the nation's capital gave participants the rare opportunity to connect with each other and with past cultures over shared interests, all in the name of art. Talent and commitment of Mr. Dancer's kind deserve nurturing. His projects are worthy of unconditional support.”
--Megan Richardson, Manager, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada.

"After viewing your Sky Gallery, my heart overflows. I cannot believe I have not seen this incredible gift before and am amazed that these beautiful creations are not appearing nightly in our media. What a different reality we would create if this were the emphasis in our lives! Thank you forever for bringing forth Spirit in such a powerful, lovely and meaningful way. As I write, I wipe away the tears, but they continue to fall. At a crossroad in my life, I am truly inspired." -With deepest appreciation, Lynne Michelle, San Francisco, CA


"The Art-for-Sky-Project was a rousing success in heightening everyone's awareness and appreciation of the sacred lands of the Blackfeet: the Badger-Two Medicine. Crossing all cultural boundaries, the picture speaks a thousand words. Thank you Daniel Dancer!" --Gloria Flora. Director, Sustainable Obtainable Solutions, Helena, MT


"The entire experience was amazing! Having grade 8 students involved in the planning, assembling of the clothing, filming the entire event was the best! Art For The Sky was truly an experience which will live in our memories forever!" --Marg Warren, Principal, John T. Tuck School, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

"Daniel provided our entire school with a unique experience that touched us all. He challenged us to look at situations with a new "big picture" perspective. The sense of unity and hope that was felt as he "unveiled" our creation at Friday's assembly was truly a memorable experience."
-Annie Morton, McKinley Elementary School Principal

"WOW! What a piece of heaven . . . I was so very amazed the impact this presentation had on me. I felt like I was back with our Native American ancestors. Your presentation gave me "chills." I totally connected with man and Earth. Mr. Dancer, you are awesome and H.B. Lee School was very blessed. THANK YOU."
-Missy Wesley, Head Secretary, H.B. Lee Middle School, Portland, OR

"Daniel Dancer’s Art for the Sky is the best way we’ve found to build relationships with schools in our community – through it we gained a deeper respect from teachers, school board members, school district administrators, business leaders and others. At the same time, we delivered a powerful message about climate change, conservation, environmental protection, waterkeeping and joining the Apalachicola Riverkeeper. The visual impact of the “living paintings” that Daniel and the kids create are an arresting means of attracting attention to environmental issues and concerns." - Andy Smith, ED, Apalachiacola Riverkeeper

"I will never forget when we made the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker with Daniel Dancer for Art for the Sky. Seeing it from the sky, it looked extraordinary and I think nature deserves that beauty after all we have done to it.-Jordan Owen, 4th Grade, Community Independent School, Hillsboro, NC


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