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    Art For the Sky residencies for schools vary in price depending on the distance from my home in Oregon, the number of participants, location, amount of time I am there, if you are a Title One school or not, etc.. This fee covers all travel expenses. It does not cover lodging. Usually I stay with a host family. It does not cover rental of crane or equivalent which is always donated from within the community. The artist fee covers all design work and the creation of a DVD of the specially crafted film of the entire project put to music shown during the final assembly. The DVD is often sold back to the parents to help pay for the project.

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Unbelievable Joy Guaranteed!!

     Schools have found much success writing grants and in working with Parent-Teacher Organizations to help find funding. Some schools have raised substantial funds via "box-tops-for- education" drives. Sometimes well heeled community members or businesses are open to help fund these projects and play a part in bringing some notoriety to the school or event as in almost every instance, pictures of the image and a story are featured on the front page of the local newspaper (see some headlines). Art For the Sky projects have proven to be pretty easy to fund raise for and some schools have found ways to use Art For the Sky itself as a fund raiser, such as selling images, marketing the DVD, photo shirts, etc..

    Please contact me and describe your school or event and I will get right back to you with a fee. Scheduling a residency should be done as far in advance as possible as slots fill up quickly, especially in spring and fall. $500 deposit is required to secure a date.

Good luck in your efforts!

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"When the photos of our completed project were projected giant size on the auditorium wall, the crowd cheered on and on like the winning shot in the last second of a tied basketball game! It was deafening. Finally art got the attention it deserved! The best thing was that it was not just one person's piece, it was formed by 935 children and a few adults. We all felt like rock stars!"
-Kristin Morine, Art Teacher, Capitol View Elementary, Des Moines, Iowa

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