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     Teaching a song to participants during each Art For the Sky residency is a very important aspect of this program. We all learn better when information is presented in a variety of modalities. Learning a catchy tune is a wonderful way to help some of the teachings of sky art last a long time. If possible, we suggest that students learn the song below before the Art For the Sky week arrives. Hopefully you can hear it and download it right from this page. You can also download it from I-Tunes. Just search for Daniel Dancer and Skysight. We will all be singing this song together at the final assembly. Enjoy!

Wings to Fly
by Daniel Dancer


(C) Trouble comes and (G) goes
It's the way of life I (C) know
and when it wants to (G) stay
I can make it go (C) away
I learned it from a (F) bird,
a little trick (C) without any (Am) words at all
(G) You just have to believe

When ever I’m confused
or got a touch of the blues
It helps to go up high
to see the reasons why
things are the way they are
you don’t have to go very far, at all
. . . . . . to see what's goin' on


  (C) I Just close my (F) eyes
    and go up to where the eagles (C) glide
    where you can't (G) hide a lie
no (F) matter how you try

   (C) I go up into the (F) sky
   where I can see with my (C) redtail eyes
   Yes I’ve got the (G) wings to fly
    so (F) high . . . . .high, high, high

When I’m up there like a bird
The voice of Earth can be heard
It rises up like a song
singing “we must all get along”
rivers, mountains, you and me
all connected like leaves on a tree
From sea to shining sea

Then I come back down
'cuz I live upon the ground
and if they ask me where I’ve been
I just say, “a little spin”
cuz I didn’t have a clue
I had to find myself a better view of it all
 . . . . And I feel fine now

    (Repeat Chorus Twice)
assembly sing

"The best thing was learning how to sing Wings to Fly!"
Caitlin, 3rd grade, Elm St. Elementary, Redding, CA

Click HERE for the chorus in music notation

Watch a 1 min video of a school that learned the song well, singing it together
during the final assembly. Schwegler Elementary School, Lawrence, Kansas