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The Art of Corporate Team Building    

     Art For the Sky has entered a bold new world . . . the corporate realm. Why should schools have all the benefits of this powerful learning experience? The embodied teachings of this work are so intrinsic to teambuilding and solving problems that it's a natural for large companies to do at conferences and other events. The effects of 1000 participants or so creating, for instance, a giant living painting of a creature that symbolizes the company vision, how it wants to change or a specific goal for the coming year, will last a lifetime. Feeling oneself as an integral and equal part of a grand and beautiful whole . . . displayed to the sky is simply put, a life changing event.


     Awakening our skysight is increasingly critical in today’s fast changing world. Companies who can learn to see the whole of things, the Grand Design in which everything is interconnected are the ones that are going to survive and profit in this fast changing global warming world. Immanuel Kant advised us 200 years ago that for peace to reign on Earth humans must evolve into “new beings who have learned to see the whole first.” Because each sky art creation makes little sense on the ground, our imaginations are stimulated to rise above old perspectives, engage our skysight and begin to see the larger patterns of life.

     Imagine a picture of the final image near the desk of each member of the company to serve as a reminder to keep their skysight on, see the big picture and harness the creativity that lives in the realm of the interconnected and magnificent.

     Various corporate sky art packages are available. Repario is currently handling all corporate bookings so please contact them for detailed information about creating a sky art experience at your next corporate event.

Art Changes People - People Change the World